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Hear For You

We have seen time and time again how FIRST breaks down barriers and cuts across demographic groups, whether it is geographic, economic, or otherwise. Hear For You works within the FIRST model and creates game-changers which make it easier and healthier for those suffering from mental health illnesses and conditions to enjoy FIRST and get all its benefits.

We are working with FIRST to improve the event experience for every person, students, mentors, and volunteers alike.

Hear For You quiet rooms can be implemented at any FIRST event. They provide a safe space that is a bit more "chill" and low-key to help students decompress. Besides getting away from the acoustic and visual excitement of an event, there are activities, like colouring, which have been shown to help relax even the most ardent FRCer.

In 2019, both Championship events had Quiet Rooms and the use of them is expanding across the globe to nearly all FIRST events.