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The Compass Alliance

The Compass Alliance Website

The Compass Alliance was founded in the fall of 2017 by FRC 3132 in partnership with 9 teams from around the world. The mission of the founding teams was to make a big impact on the FRC Community and its members. We launched the website in December 2017, complete with services such as Tag Teams (virtual mentors), Call Center (24/7 chat hotline), Help Hubs (open machine shops), and a Resource Repository.

The Compass Alliance is a go-to answer for running, enhancing and sustaining an FRC team. Comprising tried and true methods and resources from the best-of-the-best to help teams go from good to great, from hanging on to thriving, and from community involved to community essential.

Since launching, The Compass Alliance has become a valued resource in the FIRST Community, there are over 100 resources available and pathway "curriculum" available for 16 different topics.

As a result, FIRST contacted The Compass Alliance, and we are partnering with them to bring our pathways to every FRC team around the world.